Game Awards 2023Game Awards 2023

Actor Timothée Chalamet revealed the Game of the Year at the videogame industry’s biggest awards ceremony.

The Wonka star said that Baldur’s Gate 3, a fantasy role-playing game, had taken home the grand award at the Los Angeles presentation.

Larian, a Belgian developer, accepted the prize and referred to the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired epic fantasy role-playing game as a labor of love.

With six victories, including player’s choice, best RPG, and best performance, it dominated the prizes.

Presenter of the Oscars Geoff Keighley introduced Timothée as “ModdedController360,” the moniker of his now-deleted adolescent YouTube channel that featured painted gaming accessories.

The Wonka star has acknowledged in interviews that he enjoys playing video games, and he was recently spotted visiting the Japanese office of renowned producer Hideo Kojima.

Game Awards 2023
Game Awards 2023

Game Awards 2023 winners

Six awards were given out for Baldur’s Gate 3, with actor Neil Newbon winning best performance for his portrayal of Astarion, the game’s most adored character.

Three prizes were given to the survival horror game Alan Wake 2, which won for outstanding art direction, story, and game director.

Other noteworthy victories were Cyberpunk 2077 for best continuing game, The Last of Us TV series for best adaptation, and Cocoon, a puzzle game that won best independent game.

Game Awards 2023
Game Awards 2023

In other news, the action-adventure game Tchia was named Game for Impact winner, while Forza Motorsport was given the innovation in accessibility award.

Resident Evil 4: Remake, Alan Wake 2, Super Mario Wonder, Spider-Man 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom were among the other contenders for Game of the Year.


New reveals

Many fans watch the Game Awards, which combine an awards program with a preview event, in hopes of seeing new trailers and hearing about upcoming releases.

A preview of Archetype Entertainment’s sci-fi role-playing game Exodus, developed by former Bioware devs, was given to fans.

Additionally, renowned videogame developer Hideo Kojima revealed OD, or Overdose, a project he and Jordan Peele, the filmmaker of Get Out, are working on.

New glimpses at Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga were unveiled, along with a remake of the 2013 title Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

In addition, a first peek of Jurassic Park: Survival gameplay was shown to players, while Sega revealed plans to bring back the iconic Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi brands.

Love Story and Paper Moon actor Ryan O’Neal passes away at the age of 82.

No mention of job cuts

The games industry had thousands of job cutbacks this year, despite an above-average amount of highly acclaimed releases. The awards come after this year.

A number of game businesses have announced cutbacks, including Niantic, the inventor of Pokemon Go, Ubisoft Montreal, and Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite.

The awards, which are hosted by gaming writer Geoff Keighley, are sometimes criticized for devoting more time during the three-hour presentation to trailers and advertisements than to awarding honors.

Additionally, some have complained that this year’s ceremony rushed through several categories at once without calling the winners to the stage.

Kotaku, a gaming website, stated: “In a year when developers were laid off nearly every week, it would have been nice… to give all these talented people a moment to shine.”

There are 31 awards in total across a wide range of categories including audio design, best independent game and accessibility and innovation.

Winners are decided by a panel of industry experts and a fan vote which counts for 10% of the final score.

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